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What Counts as a Cup of Fruit or Vegetables?

In general, 1 cup of raw or cooked vegetables or vegetable juice, or 2 cups of raw leafy greens can be considered as 1 cup from the Vegetable Group.

Strive to include at least one cup of fruits or vegetables per meal. Cleaned and cut fresh mixes and frozen and canned produce help you add these delicious lower calorie, higher fiber ingredients to your meal conveniently. Here’s a sample of how easy it can be:

  • Fruit for breakfast = 1 cup
  • Salad for lunch = 2 cups
  • A snack = 1 cup
  • Dinner = 1 cup

The chart below lists specific amounts that count as 1 cup of vegetables (in some cases equivalents for ½ cup are also shown) towards your recommended intake.

 Amount that counts as 1 cup of vegetablesAmount that counts as ½ cup of vegetables
Dark Green Vegetables  
Broccoli1 cup chopped or florets 
 3 spears 5" long

raw or cooked
Greens (collards, mustard greens turnip greens, kale)1 cup cooked 
Spinach1 cup, cooked 
 2 cups raw is equivalent to 1 cup of vegetables1 cup raw is equivalent to ½ cup of vegetables
Raw leafy greens: Spinach, romaine, watercress, dark green leafy lettuce, endive, escarole2 cups raw is equivalent to 1 cup of vegetables1 cup raw is equivalent to ½ cup of vegetables
Red and Orange Vegetables  
Carrots1 cup, strips, slices, or chopped, raw or cooked 
 2 medium1 medium carrot
 1 cup baby carrots (about 12)About 6 baby carrots
Pumpkin1 cup mashed, cooked 
Red peppers1 cup chopped, raw, or cooked

1 large pepper (3" diameter, 3¾ " long)
1 small pepper
Tomatoes1 large raw whole (3")

1 cup chopped or sliced, raw, canned, or cooked
1 small raw whole

(2¼ " diameter)

1 medium canned
Tomato juice1 cup½ cup
Sweet potato1 large baked (2¼" or more diameter) 
 1 cup sliced or mashed, cooked 
Winter squash (acorn, butternut, hubbard)1 cup cubed, cooked½ acorn squash, baked = ¾ cup
Beans and Peas  
Dry beans and peas (such as black, garbanzo, kidney, pinto, or soy beans, or black eyed peas or split peas)1 cup whole or mashed,  cooked 
Starchy Vegetables  
Corn, yellow or white1 cup 
 1 large ear (8” to 9” long)1 small ear (about 6"  long)
Green peas1 cup 
White potatoes1 cup diced, mashed 
 1 medium boiled or baked potato (2½" to 3" diameter) 
 French fried: 20 medium to long strips (2½" to 4" long)
(Contains  added calories from solid fats.)
Other Vegetables  
Bean sprouts1 cup cooked 
Cabbage, green1 cup, chopped or

shredded raw or cooked
Cauliflower1 cup pieces or florets raw or cooked 
Celery1 cup, diced or sliced, raw or cooked 
 2 large stalks (11" to 12" long)1 large stalk (11" to 12"  long)
Cucumbers1 cup raw, sliced or

Green or wax beans1 cup cooked 
Green peppers1 cup chopped, raw or cooked 
 1 large pepper (3" diameter, 3¾" long)1 small pepper
Lettuce, iceberg or head2 cups raw, shredded or chopped = equivalent to 1 cup of vegetables1 cup raw, shredded or chopped = equivalent to ½ cup of vegetables
Mushrooms1 cup raw or cooked 
Onions1 cup chopped, raw or cooked 
Summer squash or zucchini1 cup cooked, sliced or diced 

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.